Thursday, June 17, 2010


Well, it was mostly smooth sailing for the Prince. He had one hiccup in the journey, but thanks to cell phones and random english speakers it was resolved. He made his connecting flight, was picked up by the right person and landed on a bunk at camp for a fast and furious week. We haven't heard from him since day one (SUCH a teenager! LOL.). The funny thing about his "hiccup" was that he was speaking in English to a person who spoke English (ESL) and they could not took a third party who spoke LESS English than either one of the others to clarify the misunderstanding. HILARIOUS. Who'd have thought!?

But I'm proud to say...he did it.

Now...he has to do it again on Sunday...well, with a few less intricacies. But he can and he now KNOWS he can.



Ashley said...

Way to go, Prince! I knew you could do it!!

Anonymous said...

Proud of you Prince! We totally had faith in you. Can't wait to hear all about the camp.