Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

In this life we're living (for about 20 months now) we still struggle to keep one foot on this continent and one foot back home.

Sometimes it seems that if we are ever really going to live here, we need both feet. But how do you do that? We can't, really.

So, the struggle is keeping up with both worlds well. It's difficult. For example, Father's Day and Mother's Day. They are not really celebrated over here and since we are so busy, we tend to over look them. In the states, we would NEVER forget to celebrate our parents or our spouse.

Yesterday, I was skyping with my mom (we play phone tag alot. LOL.) I guess she was "it." She called and I happened to be sitting by my computer so we got to visit via skype for a long time. My dad came in and chatted with us (King, Princess, and me) for a little while before the Prince got home. In the course of the conversation, my dad mentioned his duties at his church on Father's Day. YIKES! I forgot. Here I was looking into my Dad's handsome face and being thankful that he was making my daughter giggle in the way only he can and it never occurred to me that I should tell him how I treasure that.

So, for both of our father's, we're sorry we missed it. But hopefully, we have told you in other ways how much we love you and are thankful for the "Dad" you are in our lives. To us, to our children...for loving our mother's all these years. For being proud of us, for the encouragement and advice through the years.

For so much more than what this little blog post says. We find ourselves telling each other, "You sound (or look) just like your dad when you say (or do) that!" And honestly we say that about the moms, too.

So, have a happy day and know we love you!

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Colorado Dreamin' said...

Even here things can get too busy to remember certain holidays! Our Father's Day has been filled with church and sleep. My darling hubby worked most of the weekend and slept the other part except for when we went to service and the apartments. We miss him so much!

No, I didn't get a return letter! Try to do more than think it, girl! I sure could use your "voice" every now and then! love you bunches!