Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Santa-fication Process...

In the movie, The Santa Clause 2 (I think), Santa has to get married or he can no longer be Santa. It's called The Mrs. Clause. Anyway, at one point the DE-Santa-fication process begins and he gets more and more slim as well as less hairy and definitely less jolly! LOL.

That's what came to mind when I overheard my husband say, "The SANTAfication process has begun!" Unsure of what he meant, I came to see. He was standing in front of the mirror wearing my favorite red sweater. We had just dined sufficiently so his belly was full, and he was noticing all the white hair that has made its way into his goatee. So, I saw a round belly and red sweater as he pointed out the white hair. LOL.

He makes me laugh. He's not anywhere close to looking like Santa, but it was a cute moment!

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Anonymous said...

Your man is too funny.
That cracks my up!!