Monday, March 15, 2010


This past week has been harried. Yesterday (Sunday) we received notice of two care packages. Wow. Two. At one time. We were only expecting one, we thought. Anyway.

One was belated Christmas presents. We don't care! We were glad to get such treasures. The Princess got some sweet things from her BFF and she just hugged them to herself and said, "She must miss me as much as I miss her." I don't have to ask. She does. She would have to. Salt and Pepper are separated. One without the other is not quite the same.

Anyway...the story I was trying to tell....

Today we went to the PO and picked up our packages Remember earlier stories about how they would not give us our things? Well, today, the lady didn't even look at my passport (required) she just smiled and said, "Hello." Crazy. She knows me, now, and didn't give me any problem. She took my receipts and went to the back. She came back a minute later saying one was really heavy. I told her I was expecting it and that's why I brought my husband. That got a huge smile from her and she began chatting as if we were old friends. Time changes things. We are not so "foreign" to them anymore. I am looking forward to sharing more with her in the future.

My husband grunted and groaned all the way home, but never complained. When we got home, we tore into the boxes as if it were Christmas!...and the kids were NOT home. So we spread the goodies out on the table and again could not believe all that was there.

There really are no words to say how special and loved we feel when we get a gift like this. How completely humbled we are. I get teary eyed every time. I mean it. EVERY TIME. It's almost ridiculous. :) A card came in the mail with this particular box. In it were all the names of all the people who gave to make it possible for us to get these 4 boxes. Unreal. How do I say thank you to all those precious ones? Maybe if you are can help spread the message. We are more than blessed, we are truly humbled by this act of love. As if the things alone were not enough, we know the cost incurred for shipping around the world. Truly, thank you seems not enough to say.

It is such a wonderful blessing to know you are loved. No one need send care packages for us to know that, but they do. You do. And it truly makes a difference. This box was FILLED with snacks! The kids' eyes LIT UP when they saw what was there. Things we cannot get in this country. I even had to threaten them not to get into it all right then. Of course, we dug into the chocolate! Who can wait for that? LOL.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you...infinity. :)


Anonymous said...

So glad she got it! I miss her more than she will ever know. I want to skype again when she can. Love and miss everyone-

Anonymous said...

Glad you got it!!
I've been trying to skype, where ya been?
I'll keep trying.
Love you-