Monday, March 22, 2010

It's official...

...I've lost my mind.

I've come to my blog several times to write something that I have pondered, but after wading through all the required passwords and waiting on things to boot up, etc., once I get here...I've lost it.

What was I going to say? Something profound, I'm sure. :)

It's crazy. The minute I log off and move on to something else, it comes back to me...but at that moment I can't stop and write it down. However, when it returns, I go, "Oh! Yeah, that was it. I won't forget that again."

But I do.

Must be age. LOL.
Or life. LOL.
Or my kids. LOL. about...ALL of it!

Hopefully when those thoughts return...I can capture them!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Girl could it be that you are:
-learning another language
-a stay at home mom
-a student
-learning another culture
-home schooling 2 kids
-a house keeper
-"working" from home
-let's see what else could I list?
It a wonder you ever have time to get on this blog much less know what you are typing. Try writing down on a note pad when you do remember. That is what I do. I am not doing half the things you are and my brain is shot too! That is pretty scary. haha
luvyameanit! flea