Friday, January 29, 2010

I just have to brag...

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this blog...but I've been meaning to post it since October when we actually DID bob for apples. He got his very quickly!

The Prince walked in to my room this morning just as my alarm was going off. I was a little disoriented because I am always the first one up on school mornings. Anyway. He said, "Mom. Dad. Bad news. My computer died." Once I got over the shock of him setting his alarm and actually getting up before me...we could talk.

side note: My kids are not allowed to play computer or video games, wii games, DS games, or anything like that during the tends to distract them from quality school work. So...come 4:00 on Fridays...they get to play those kinds of things if their school work is finished and they are usually VERY motivated to do so.

So, he tells us the problem and then proceeds to tell us that he thinks he can fix it if he has his Restore CD's (which we haven't been able to locate in our move). The good news being that he backed up everything on his computer just this past weekend, so he would only be losing this weeks worth of assignments.

The King gets up and goes to help him. No luck with the Restore CD's. It's not looking good. However, we are going to this home school conference and will have access to a computer technician since many expat kids do online school. So, there's a bright spot. Help is on the horizon.

The King and I get a little frustrated over computer issues, but the Prince has found a new love in computer programming this year. It's his favorite course and he's always working on it. He's been developing his own stuff and learning by leaps and bounds. He continually asks me, "Mom, did you know you can do THIS by doing THAT?" It's always a shortcut or command prompt or something like that. I vaguely understand and vaguely remember my college days of computer programming and MS DOS...but things have changed so much.

Well, we decided that we don't have what it's going to take to fix his computer and tell him to hang in there til next week and do the assignments that don't require the computer. But he's not so easily swayed. I don't know how much time passed, but he came back into the room triumphant, "I fixed it!" And he did. He knows enough ways to bypass the system, that he got in by the back door and made it work. (which makes me wonder about the password protected places on my computer...can he get in? I want to know if he can?...because that doesn't mean he is...Now, there is still probably a problem for a technical guy to take care of, but maybe not...

The Prince has always been fascinated with computers...maybe it will be what he spends his life doing...if not, it will still be a big part, I'm sure. I'm proud of him.

Way to go, TWO-PER! (inside joke)


PandaMom said...

There's a LOT of money in computer knowledge!! Right now as I try to learn Photoshop I feel so darn ignorant to the simplest things that come so easily to the younger crowd who have computer know-how and shortcuts down pat. ; )

BTW: you need to take some pics purposefully for your blog template updates so I have something to work with besides what I take....from your blog or make up from around my house. ; )

The Allens said...

That's really cool...I'm impressed...I could use him around here...I have a knack at messing my computer up and our computer guy at our church isn't much help...miss you guys and excited for you about your trip!!

Mom said...

OOhhhhh! I miss my babies! All 4 of them! I am not surprised that he fixed the thing. He is, after all, his Grandpa's child.

pkw said...

My nephew hacked into his older brother's Facebook (older brother had made him mad), changed all his wallpaper, etc. to "Hello Kitty", and changed his brother's password to "I am stupid". Big brother had to login with "I am stupid" to clean up his Facebook! He has also got around some of his dad's passwords--watch out!!!