Thursday, January 28, 2010

2 days and counting...

On Sunday we are leaving for warmer you hear that?...that's the sound of flip-flops calling my name!

We were blessed to attend a conference for Homeschooling expatriate families like ourselves at this time last year. It was a much needed respite for many reasons....we were new to this was COLD here...we needed some schooling resources...etc.

This year, our kids will be tested to see how I'm doing...ahem...I mean to see how they're doing academically in this new school setting. There will be workshops intended to enlighten and encourage, as well as a Scholastic Book Fair (if you know me AT ALL, you know that books are my downfall...however...for my upcoming birthday, my husband has purchased a Kindle for I won't be buying tons of books for HIM to carry back into our country!), friends we met along this journey, and most importantly...WARM WEATHER! The place we are traveling to is known for its warm weather and we are ready.

The King has been counting down longer than any of us. He's hilarious. He mimics the Princess' squeal and says the number of days!

Where we live there is no central heat or air. We also live in a concrete apartment building which tends to hold the cold inside. On many days it's colder inside than if the sun is shining..we get outside to enjoy it! We are getting tired of wearing at least two layers of clothing all the time (one being thermals!). Not meaning to complain...just trying to help you understand why we are so ready for warm weather.

My in laws understand it better now that they've been here...and it got colder after they left. We will enjoy about a week at the conference and then are planning on about another week in the sun! Hallelujah!

I don't remember very good Internet service last year...but I'll try to keep you posted as we go along.


Ashley said...

Have fun!! Wish I were sitting beside you wearing capris and flip flops and reading a Kindle. Soak it up (literally)! :)

pkw said...

Jillian got a refurbished Kindle 1 with her birthday $$$ and loves it. It's a cheaper way to buy books, and the books take up much less space! The only problem is that it's more difficult to share books--you have to do without your Kindle for a family member to read the book. Hope ya'll have a wonderful trip!