Monday, December 14, 2009

Wii are having a grand time!

The kids have been calling "dibs" on the Gparents. LOL. "I got dibs on Wii with Ppaw." "I got dibs on Wii with GMudda."'s quite humorous. So...the Princess played tennis with Ppaw and they had a great time doing it.

The Gparents are real troopers. You'd never know how tired they are except for a few times at the dinner table. Once I looked over at Ppaw who could barely hold his eyes open. He's gotten little sleep because of technical when he got up from his nap and put his houseshoes on the wrong was nice that he giggled at himself. :)

The kids have totally lost their manners...they are so excited to have the Gparents here that they are always talking over each other to tell them something or get their attention. :)

We haven't done alot of anything...but talking! LOL...yet.

...more to come.


PandaMom said...

So glad y'all are having a great time! I even got all choked up at the airport pics!!! LOL! ; )

Mom said...

Wow, Chayli is so tall! This is the first full body picture I have seen of her in awhile. Looks like they are all having a blast! Hugs and kisses!

lil' sis said...

I'm so glad g-parents got there safe. I know ya'll are having a blast. Daddy looks like he's a pro already at those Wii games. Take lots of pictures and share as soon as you can! I'm here waiting anxiously. Hugs and kisses from us too! Miss you like crazy. Have as much fun as you possibly can. It has to last awhile. Love ya'll so much.

Anonymous said...

Soak up every minute of it, sweet one!