Friday, October 30, 2009

Double dog dare me, huh?

My SON accused me of being vain! While I was getting ready one day...I started entertaining him with new hairstyles...he said I'd never let him take pictures...I did. He said I'd NEVER post them on the blog...I am. So there! I'm no chicken!


Anonymous said...

You never could turn down a good dare! My favorite was the cart wheels on field day. Still have those on camera if you would like to post! haha

Love ya -

Anonymous said...

I love seeing pics of you finally! Love to see your smile.
Beautiful! No matter what the hair looks like. And don't you forget it Prince!

GloryandGrace said...

Haha! I just had flashbacks to the after-prom party @ MRBC when you, me, and PandaMom were in the bathroom putting glittery pink and purple makeup on, and the two of you put your hair in crazy scrunchies - good times :)

Colorado Dreamin' said...

love it!!! and you!!! my oldest and I were talking about you a minute ago and how much we both miss you!!! love ya bunches!

Ashley said...

Love it. Stealing it. It's going on my bulletin board by another crazy family picture (think hairy Christmas)

Love you.