Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Strolling down memory lane...

Remember my computer melted down?

Remember that I have a huge file of recovered documents to sort through?

Well, I found these.

I didn't even know they were ON this computer.

Too bad I haven't had it long enough for there to be hidden pictures of the Prince...but these are darling...are they not?

We used to call her "Princess Pucker-Up." Wonder why? ;)

No hair except that SPROUT. Too funny.

This is one of the first pictures that she actually smiled for the camera. She was 3! Little Stinker!

Aw...this is one of my favorites...taken by Dr. Bob...candidly watching her Daddy who was outside. Precious. I told you she adores him!

Side note:
We are a family who uses nicknames alot. For fun, for love, for a joke...for pretty much anything. Lately I've taken to calling the Princess "Punk." The first time her Daddy heard me...he was slightly offended, until she came to my rescue. She knows that pumpkin pie is my favorite (warm, with a little whipped cream on top or ice cream..but I digress). One day I called her "my little pumpkin pie" and after explaining to her that it was my favorite and that SHE was my favorite little girl she took to it...she would always smile when she heard it...well one day it came out as "punkin pie"....which has eventually become "punk." Totally innocent and totally full of love. I don't say punk(!)...I say punk(smile) and it makes all the difference to her.


Ashley said...

OH MY GOSH! Beautiful! I miss that girl. ;)

Anonymous said...

Too cute!
I remember some of those pics. Where has the time gone?!?