Monday, June 08, 2015

We've moved!

Not physically, just in cyberspace.

I'm TOTALLY AMAZED that I am able to blog right now. I've been locked out for months. Hence the move.

So, join us over at I'm only a few (5 or 6) blog posts in, so start at the beginning and tag along.


Monday, December 22, 2014

New friends!

These guys have started coming to our Sunday gathering and we just fell in love with them. They are part of the family now! So grateful to God to show us the beauty of the body of Christ.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Daddy's girls

When we adopted these two, we could never have known the depths of love we'd feel for them. Having biological children has been such a gift. Looking into eyes that look like yours...there are no words to describe the joy. But adopting is different, or so my friends without bio children say. However, it's not different for me. I'm looking into eyes that do NOT look like mine, but the feeling of joy is the same. The depth of love, unimaginable. I would watch my bio children sleep and pray over them wondering who they would grow up to be, and I do the same with my adopted ones. The reality is, they are not mine...none of them. They all belong to God and He has chosen in his graciousness to allow me stewardship of them. It's a hefty weight at times. I often wonder if I'm doing things right, but then I'm reminded that He is in control and no matter how well or poorly I do the job of parenting, he has plans for them...that I cannot thwart.
 So, I count the joys and blessings and strive to be my best self for their sake as well as my own. A dear friend told us recently, "The days are long, but the years are short." How true. I fall into bed most nights, but joy comes in the morning with little voices calling for me. Calling me "Momma!"
and then if I don't answer...they call, "DADDYYYYYY"

Monday, November 17, 2014

We interrupt this program to bring you...

another technical issue. Just kidding. It seems the last two years have been plagued with technological issues.  One right after another. The enemy knows that technology is my connection to family and friends back home and that I thrive on those connections, so he has tried repeatedly to steal my joy by circumventing my connections. He has been successful at times, but never victorious.

My husband is a good man and even in the midst of his own stress, he makes time to help me with my computer issues. So, I'm up and running again for now and I have birthday pictures to post as soon as I can get them uploaded. The internet issues are a completely separate problem over here. :)

Birthday pics....yes, the twins are three. We survived the twos and are headlong into threes! They are growing by leaps and bounds and talking and learning exponentially. They are so fun and so tiring all at once!!

Our Prince is doing well in his first semester of college. Busy. Oh so busy, but that's good for him! Double majoring! Music and computer science. He recently sent us a snippet of a recording he did of himself composing in a practice room, just messing around. It was beautiful, and so soothing to my heart. A chip off the block. If you want me to email it to you, let me know. He comes home at Christmas and we are counting down the days! If you have his number, please text him some encouragement. That's his love language, besides HUGS. We know that at this point in the semester it begins to wear on you and it's challenging to finish strong. Share the love!

Our oldest Princess is coming up QUICKLY on 13. Yikes. Where has time time gone? She is almost as tall as me (which admittedly isn't that tall, but when you are looking eye to eye with your's TALL!). She is so funny and beautiful. Growing and maturing into such a lovely young lady!

The twins have started going half days to National preschool. It is good for all involved, except maybe the teachers! LOL.  I enjoy the respite, they love going to school like big girls, but the teachers are the ones who have to struggle through the language barriers of dealing with three year olds! So far, it's gone pretty well. They are adorable as they mix two languages together to communicate. I love to hear little ones try to talk anyway, but when they speak two languages intermixed, they say some really cute things!

We have recently made the acquaintance of some African friends, two guys and two girls. Our littles love them! It's a beautiful thing to watch the natural connection. Amazing, really.

The hubs is busy as ever. It is a good thing he requires less sleep than me. He is able to accomplish some tasks late into the night or early in the morning when I am wiped out. His girls adore him. All of them. I tell him it's a tough life he has to be surrounded by so much adoration and love. He says, "Somebody's gotta do it." *wink*

Well, enough for now. Hopefully, I can be here regularly now that the littles are in school and my computer is working again.

Be blessed,