Monday, November 24, 2014

Daddy's girls

When we adopted these two, we could never have known the depths of love we'd feel for them. Having biological children has been such a gift. Looking into eyes that look like yours...there are no words to describe the joy. But adopting is different, or so my friends without bio children say. However, it's not different for me. I'm looking into eyes that do NOT look like mine, but the feeling of joy is the same. The depth of love, unimaginable. I would watch my bio children sleep and pray over them wondering who they would grow up to be, and I do the same with my adopted ones. The reality is, they are not mine...none of them. They all belong to God and He has chosen in his graciousness to allow me stewardship of them. It's a hefty weight at times. I often wonder if I'm doing things right, but then I'm reminded that He is in control and no matter how well or poorly I do the job of parenting, he has plans for them...that I cannot thwart.
 So, I count the joys and blessings and strive to be my best self for their sake as well as my own. A dear friend told us recently, "The days are long, but the years are short." How true. I fall into bed most nights, but joy comes in the morning with little voices calling for me. Calling me "Momma!"
and then if I don't answer...they call, "DADDYYYYYY"

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