Saturday, August 09, 2014

Where were we?

I think I was just promising to be a better blogger when... (just fill in the blank here with any number of crazy things!).

There is a running joke at my house that if you want something done on the computer...don't ask me. I MUST have a magnetic personality, because it never fails that some form of technology I touch...dies, with no warning and for no apparent reason! I have had more issues with technology since moving over here than is sanely possible! Anyway. We are up and running again...we think.

I am KNEE deep in potty training times two. It was a totally crazy few weeks. PB got it rather quickly because the reward was a skittle and that kid will do ANYTHING for a snack. PT...well, was not interested at all, So she would just pee and poop wherever she was or wait for her sister to do it so she could play with it. Yep, play with it or lick it. Totally disgusting. I've cleaned poop from more places than I care to admit, more than once! So, I put a diaper back on her and focused on PB. Now, we have one mostly trained who wakes up mostly dry from naps and nighttime and another one who just discovered that she can have a chocolate whopper if she goes in the potty. Who knew? I should have. These two are polar opposites in so many things. PB wanted sweet and tart. PT wants CHOCOLATE. My girl after all.  So...we are STILL potty training. It was so easy with my oldest two. I think God must be giggling at me. I wasn't concerned (still am not) about potty training, but HE must have said..."Watch this."

My oldest starts college in a couple of weeks! YIKES. And my oldest Princess is in junior high, 7th grade. DOUBLE YIKES! It's such a bittersweet time for me as a mom. I'm super proud of these kids and yet would like nothing more than to freeze time. I'm tired all the time, just a fact of this life I've chosen, but a wise friend told me recently, "The days are long, but the years are short." How well I know that.

My Hubs will go to the states for two weeks to get our Prince settled in at college and while he's gone my parents will be here helping me keep my sanity. It is such a strange feeling to look forward to and DREAD something all at once. I'm excited that the Prince is starting this new phase in his life, but I know there will be bumps and maybe a few potholes along the way. I would give anything to keep him from those heartaches, but I know that those are what will grow him the most, in all likelihood.

My oldest Princess is such a joy. I've enjoyed having her home with me this summer. She is blossoming into such a lovely young lady and I'm talking about her inside as well as her outside. I'll try to get some pictures up here soon. But I'm through promising posts and pictures. If you care to keep following me, thanks. If you think I'm too sporadic and want to jump was nice while it lasted. In the meantime, remember we are not home yet. This life is a journey. Thanks for walking with me.

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