Monday, June 23, 2014

On the reality of adopting babies in your 40's...

Lately, we've had many people tell us how inspiring we are that we would have one of our kids reach adulthood and then take on two more. They ooh and ahh at how wonderful we are. Especially the nationals we live among. They cannot fathom that I am alone most of the time with these two little people. How can I manage? How do I have the energy? I tell the truth, but I also try to keep perspective. I don't want a down day for me to be a discouraging factor for someone considering adoption. And, lest I burst anyone's bubble thinking I'm supermom,... let me just tell you about a couple of days this last week.

Day one: Pysched. Ready. Prepared. Supplies on's time to potty train. After all, I've done it two times before... HA.

The Littles were excited too. I left them bare bottomed for the first day for ease and since there are two of them. I didn't want one having an accident while the other was struggling with panties. We went "potty" every 30 minutes all day. They were so proud of themselves for saying potty then getting on and off it.  Not once did they actually potty IN the potty. Why, you may ask? Because. When we had waited until the second one couldn't stand to wait any longer for her turn, we would switch. At which point Twin One would go around the corner (while I helped Twin Two onto the potty)...and pee in the floor. What? Really? Not once but twice. Each. So, after a long unsuccessful day of potty training, I decided to wait until my oldest Princess is out of school, because OBVIOUSLY I need another set of hands.

Day two: Asleep. Dead to the world. Nothing would stir me, except the sound of my husband saying, "Did you let the babies out of their room?!"

What? at 5:25 AM. Ummm. No. Who knows what time they actually woke up. It seems earlier and earlier, but, they had time to bathe their Loveys in the toilet water as well as have a little tea party (I'm guessing by all the stuff left at the base of the toilet), as well as play in the cats' food and water bowl, then open the door to where the litter box is and play in it, then put the used (yep. you read that right!) litter into the cat bowl and take it outside...and those are just the obvious things. Who knows what else?  And they were EXTREMELY proud of themselves and utterly happy with their play time. Ug. AND...that was Sunday morning. It never fails to be SUNDAY morning.

Don't report me. These episodes are few, but they are real. It's hard having the energy to keep up, but it is completely worth it.

I just thought you could use a laugh. So? Supermom, I am not. But mom, yes, and glad to be.

I'm gonna go take a nap.

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You Little O Wife said...

I love the mom stories! Children are the greatest, most exhausting adventure. I never cease to learn something about myself...and hopefully be refined in the process...each and every day.