Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sorry I've been gone...

I have tons of pictures to post and a million reasons why they aren't up. Can I just say "computer issues" and hope you understand?

These little people are about to turn TWO on Sunday!!! They are talking more every day which is a big deal since they spent the first 10 months of their lives in another language and the rest living and learning bilingually in two more languages. They get frustrated when they cannot express themselves. Houdini (Princess T) throws fits when she can't make herself be understood and/or doesn't get what she wants. Princess B (PB) just screams (fake screams and fake cries) until you give her what she wants. Needless to say I don't let them bully you can imagine the amount of noise at our house.

BUT, we are learning and growing more every day. All of us.

Since they can crawl out of the PackNPlays, we have moved into a big girl bed that they share. It is one twin sized bed with bed rails. Technically, it is the top bunk of the oldest Princess' bunk beds. They love it! It's so cute. They are happiest sleeping together, but they don't sleep as much. Sort of a no brainer, but it is what it is. After I put them to bed, I hear belly laughing from them and giggles and then crying and screaming! They are learning what it means to be twins and sisters and friends.

We sing over them before they go down for the night. The most common song as of late, is "God is so good. God is so good. God is so good. He's so good to me." They sing with us (sort of) and then say, "night night."  No matter when we sing it. We were singing it softly on the train the other day to calm them down and then Houdini yelled, "NightNight" and waved at all the nationals. Most don't know what she was saying, but she is so cute they can't help but wave back at her.

This is the life we've chosen and it's full of blessings.

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