Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Ok. So, Princess T (Houdini) has been climbing out of her bed. I decided to remove the temptation and cut the side out of it. I added a makeshift canopy and she was INLOVE with it. She didn't give me any trouble at all. But...since Princess B is not climbing out of hers yet, I did not so the same for her. As a matter of fact, hers is in the next room. They nap separately...or not at all, if you get my drift. So in the bedroom is one (modified) PackNPlay and one pallet.
Usually no issues. The modification has made for interesting sleeping arrangements. Before...Princess B could not climb in bed with Houdini who COULD climb into bed with her. Now, nothing keeps PB from it.
So, this is Night #1. And lest you complain about my picture taking abilities, let me remind you that it is dark in their room (they won't sleep with night lights). So, I walk into a dark room where my dark skinned babies are sleeping and I hope I don't step on one of them as I aim the camera where I THINK they are and wait until it flashes to see if I got them.
 After some rustling about, they must have decided separate was better. Night #2
 Kicked out of her own bed...Night #3
Well, maybe we can make it work, but not in the bed. Night #4
It is flashes of the future in there at night. Sometimes giggles and belly laughs and other times Yelling. They take each other's loveys. After all it is dark in there. I don't usually have to referee, but last night I did...and forgot to take a picture. We rearranged the bed and pallet. Everyone seems happy now. We'll see how long it lasts.

This is the great adventure. :)

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