Thursday, April 18, 2013

A little reality...

I have an 18 year old about to graduate from high school...

and 11 year old on the verge of womanhood..

and twin toddlers on the verge of the terrible twos or terrific twos as I'm trying to project onto them.

I was recently with a group of women discussing the seasons of life. They wanted to divide up into your current season and give each other support. I almost laughed out loud as they asked for empty nesters, then mothers of college age, then high school, then elementary school and then preschoolers. I was at a complete loss as to where to go. I am definitely not an empty nester and probably never will be at this rate. LOL. Anyway, I decided right then and there that I am living cross-seasonally. I wanted to go to the mothers of HS kids because I'm new at that age...but was asked to join the mothers of preschoolers and give wisdom. What a laugh! (For me, anyway.) Until, one particular young lady equated me and several others to Titus women and proceeded to tell how. I am humbled by that and blessed to be used. I also wanted to go to mothers of elementary age because I've never had a girl go through puberty and although I am a girl...I'm pretty far removed from it and want to be able to handle things with my daughter (s) gracefully. And then, I'm back at square one, with babies...fighting for time with God because I'm tired.

Reality. Crazy. But God has given me grace time and time again as He meets me where I am. I am focusing on ABIDING in Him even if my time in the word is less than I want it to be. I want to be so much more than I am. I am my worst critic, I'm sure. At least I hope there's no one out there harder on me than me...because I can be harsh. I tease my hubby about being a perfectionist...but truth is, I am one, but only when it comes to me. Wonder why that is? Nevermind. It doesn't matter. It's wrong and I'm breaking free from it, well allowing God to break me free.

Don't know why I felt compelled to share that with you. Maybe because it's where I am right now and I've not been able to blog in depth for a while. Hope it gives you insight into my world.

Don't be strangers~

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Terri said...

That is exactly how it was for me! I had one entering adulthood, one in the youth, one in elementary and one in preschool. Now that didn't last long b/c my little princess was right behind her brother so they were mostly in preschool and elementary at the same time, two year time span is pretty small compared to my oldest two. But now, I have one who is wanting so much to be married and start her family, just waiting on her young man to be as ready as her. One who will be 21 this year and still stumbling around trying to keep his head above water. One entering high school and one entering jr high. The fact that my baby is going to be a 7th grader and that I will no longer have any kids in the children't department at church after 26 years is staggering. I have been through the whole teen girl business and I blundered my way through that one terribly. It is my desire NOT to do that with her. To learn from the hard lessons I learned a decade ago. The one blessing that I have is I am in the after days of that first one and I have become her best friend, the one she turns to for advice and support no matter what. My heart bursts with joy knowing that. I know that you will make it through this season in your life with grace as always. You have always been someone I looked up to and cherished your wisdom. Love you!