Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ordinary moments

Sometimes in the daily-ness of life, I am looking into these chocolate eyes that I adore and I am overwhelmed with a grief for that daddy who had to choose to surrender these darling girls to be adopted while, I assume, in the heart of grief for losing his wife.
 Such an intense and debilitating loss. So much more than he could probably even imagine. And although I imagine there was a bittersweetness to the decision, knowing that you can't care for them, you choose to allow someone who can to do it, but all the while wanting to do it yourself. Such joy they bring and he forfeited every moment of it for love of them. Will they ever understand that love? A father's love.
I watch their faces and wonder if that facial expression of wonder with a milk face looks like her birth mom or birth dad, or is it a grandparent she resembles? Where does she get those facial expressions? Attitude? Smile?

My job is to teach them the love of the Father, so that they may one day understand what drove their own father to give them away. Such a sacrifice. Such love. May we be able to help them fully understand how he could do that by looking at the example of our Heavenly Father. A love without limits.

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