Friday, November 02, 2012

Wow. Where to start?

I adore these tiny little people who have taken over my home and life...and heart.

When I walk in the room, I hear "mamamamamam" and see teeth as SHE crawls to me as fast as she can.

Or I watch as arms and legs flail while HER face is lit up wanting me to "Get her."
I had no idea the void in my heart until they filled it.
We realize we are completely blessed. We've heard so many adoption stories of children failing to bond and attach to someone or even anyone in a family. That's not us and I thank you for your prayers. God would still be good if we were having issues, but we are not and we are grateful. The only issues we've had are normal and health related.
Please continue to pray for my older kids as they are adjusting to sharing mom and dad as it isn't easy at any age. They LOVE these little ones, but sometimes miss the ease of conversation before there were babies in our home.
We are watching God's hand at work in our family, individually and collectively. It's a beautiful thing.
I have many little things to share and I'll blog as I can. Keep coming back~


Carrie said...

Hey, so what's the medical story?

Scott and Christine Hand said...

praise Him. just praise Him. I love your updates.