Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Hot dogs, smores, and cool weather

One of the things we have missed is traditional Fall activities. We love cooking out and bonfires, and especially SMORES! We've learned to use our gas stove and a chopstick to roast marshmallows, but you cannot discount what the cool weather adds to the occasion!
 I gave the babies a hot dog and smore one ingredient at a time ant they loved it all. Especially the relish! Who would have thought? But I believe the marshmallows and graham crackers were their favorite!

 We had a great time with family and pets! The dogs followed the stroller around eating whatever they dropped! :)

We goofed off and laughed and had a great time even though the fire struggled to blaze!

1 comment:

Sheila Hughes said...

Look at MaMaw watching her new great-grandbabies....sweet!!! And you caught Joyce with her mouth open....she's gonna beat you!!! LOL!!!