Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Prince

This  boy young man has made my heart smile as well as my face...repeatedly since the babies came home. He is a typical teenager and pretty much oblivious, but when I ask...he does...with a joyful heart and a smile on his face. He even sometimes initiates. He has taken a baby from me on more than one occasion saying, "My turn."

He loves them and they love him. He has wondered what kind of relationship he'll have with them. I've told him he will have to be intentional about being in their lives just as he is with the Princess. He will probably end up more like a favorite Uncle, but he will always be their Hero, if he'll just take a little time with them. So, he does.

Just today he said, "Man, what's it gonna be like when I go back to school? They'll forget me and change so much. Will you bring them to see me?"

How can you not smile at that? Although, I DID ask if he had ulterior motives because he knows that babies are "Chick Magnets"...he pleaded the fifth. LOL.

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Scott and Christine Hand said...

How sweet. Just WONDERFUL! What a beautiful famlily.