Friday, September 21, 2012

Taking off on a new adventure...

Leaving Washington DC for Addis Ababa

Neighboring plane as we landed

Leaving the airport with our escort

A short nap at 8:00AM before we get babies and go to the Embassy
Do you recognize the King?

Mom and me

They were sitting up waiting for us. :-)

They have grown SO MUCH!

On the way to the Embassy, this Princess snuggled up to her daddy and went right to sleep.

This one? mmm...not so much. She was a busy bee. :-)

We have been crazy busy on this whirlwind trip, but we are heading back home tonight if all goes well with the paperwork pickup. We have no reason to believe it won't. Thank you for your prayers. We can't wait for you to meet ehm in person. They are ready to meet their big brother and sister....soon.

By the way, the Embassy appoitnment was so smooth...maybe 3 minutes long. Grace.

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You Little O Wife said...

Welcome home precious ones!!!!!