Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Everyone's adjusting

These girls have never been in a car seat much less a stroller. They don't like it  much, but we do it anyway. A little each day.

We became a family of 6 on paper quite a while ago, but becoming a family of 6 in heart is a process. We all love these babies, but the oldest two have had a little more to adjust to since not having been around babies much. They are doing well. It warms my heart to see the Prince holding one of the babies or the Princess on the floor entertaining them. The babies smile and laugh a little more each day and don't seem to be having any issues attaching to us. Thanks for your prayers.

I can hardly believe this is my life. :-)


Lena said...

All this makes me so happy! I wish I could see you all face to face! Much love & hugs to everyone!

Bobi Ann Allen said...

Aren't they beautiful babies! I'm going to try and call you tomorrow! I know you must surely have your hands full and its not easy to talk on the phone with little ones so if you can't answer, I understand.