Wednesday, September 05, 2012

An update on our life back in the states

 We can hardly believe how the time has gone by. We've had a little bit of reverse culture shock, but not too much. We have been busy doing a variety of things...
 We moved in the freshman girls. They pulled up to their dorm, we asked their name and room number then yelled to everyone, "Hey guys this is_____ and she's living in _____!" Everyone yelled  a shout out of welcome to ____ and she didn't carry a single thing into her dorm room. We served and loved on the family that way and it was fun. Many girls were shy and didn't know anyone. Some said they never felt so welcomed anywhere.
 It was hot. Busy. and we were muscle sore afterwards, but heart happy. It feels good to give of yourself for another. One girl brought TWO van loads of stuff...there just wasn't room. I've been curious as to what was sent home with parents, if anything.
 We worked all morning, then went home to work on home school. Yes, I know you can hear my kids groaning, but it was temporal. Really, it was, because we had corn dogs for lunch and this (below) for a snack! All the churches in town set up booths and did give aways to welcome the new students and help them find a church home soon. I was really impressed. One give away was homemade corn dogs...made while you wait...slathered in mustard and/or ketchup. Pick your poison. YUM. Greasy. Hot. Years since I've had one. Again, YUM.
 I haven't had a WHATCHAMACALLIT in years! Loved every bite. And yes, I'm drinking my share  of DDP and I give thanks for EVERY. SINGLE.ONE!
 After moving in the freshmen, a day later we joined up with teams and worked around town. Our family was assigned to work at the local mission/food pantry. We cleaned and stocked shelves and met students. In the end, we found an outlet for our family to serve weekly.
 Of course, life is more fun when the Prince is around. I've always teased about the size of his head...after all, I should know! He proved it by trying on a cowboy hat! WAY TOO SMALL! So fun to be with him just running errands. He makes me laugh and makes me proud.
 This is a picture of the mirror in the Prince's room. It says, "Be a man of Intregrity. Wisdom. Honor God. Discipline. Intelligence." ...and he's written several scripture verses around each word. It makes my heart smile to see what he strives for.
 Of course, the oldest Princess has had fun with her BFF. They really are two peas in a pod. Not much has changed between them even though everything has changed. We tried to prepare our Princess for what it might be like to come back. After all, so much has changed and she was only 6 when we left. But these two...still so alike. Salt and Pepper together again.

And this. Well. This is something I never thought I'd see in America. This kind of strangeness was reserved for Asia in my mind. No longer. TOILET TATTOOS. Really? 

One part of the reverse culture shock that I've dealt with is my home culture's fascination with tattoos. They are everywhere. Even some of my BFF's have them. I just don't remember them being that big of a deal when I left, now...well, they are.

So, there's a little of what we've done while we are waiting for babies. And, YES, we are still waiting.

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