Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jen Hatmaker - The Truth About Adoption: One Year Later

Jen Hatmaker - The Truth About Adoption: One Year Later

I love going to this lady's blog. She is truthful and candid in a way not too many people are. If you are wondering how you can support us in this this blog post. I think she lays it on the line and I know that hard days are coming for us, especially as we plan to return to life lived cross-culturally.

Also, many of you are wanting to know how to support us while we are here but knowing that we cannot take too much stuff back with us. At the risk of being presumptuous, I've decided to just tell you all on here.

We are registered at Wal-mart and Target under my name. We welcome gift cards to any of those places as well as and  (What we are not registered for is the consumable stuff, formula, etc.) There are things that we will need to purchase when we return to cross-cultural living, but cannot afford to ship over or carry over. So....if you feel led...we will be eternally grateful.

I want to give a shout out to all of you have helped us gather things to borrow while we are here. We have all that we need in regard to car seats, Pack 'N Plays, strollers, and such. God has used you to bless us and the little ones.

Admittedly, we are tired of looking at empty car seats, beds, and strollers. We are ready to fill them up, but we are also waiting on God's timing and enjoying this last little bit of time as just the four of us. Life will soon change and we don't know what it holds, but we know WHO holds it. Thanks for letting Him use you to bless us. We'll keep you posted when we know anything new. As it are waiting with us...and it makes the journey that much sweeter.

Love and hugs~


adam l. said...

Love you guys! you're in my prayers.

GloryandGrace said...

So glad you posted an update, and so glad you're so keenly aware of the amazing encouragement surrounding you!
(And yes, her blog is so brutally encouraging - love it)