Thursday, August 02, 2012

Do you know anyone who...?

***UPDATE*** We are in good shape...just waiting on babies to put in these things! :)
OK. We really are just down to the Pack N'Play and a stroller. Thanks for your help. :)

...has an infant car seat we can borrow? We have one and two booster seats, but we need two infant seats.

...has a Snugli/Ergo/Baby carrier  or two we can borrow quickly? It turns out...I forgot to pack them. All this time I thought they were packed...but when we unpacked...nope. Must've been a dream. We would like to take them on our trip to E with us.

...has a double stroller we can borrow? We have a single and can probably make that work, but no harm in asking, huh?

...has a Pack N'Play they are willing to lend? 

We are setting up house and are thinking our babies will be mobile or at least close to it when they come and trying to prepare for them.

These are our most pressing needs. We fully intend to return each item. If you know someone who is willing to lend one or more of these items, please leave a comment.  Thanks for your support.

By the way, we got word today that the Embassy wanted to move the interview date up to Friday. Isn't that crazy?!  BUT it isn't possible, so we are waiting to see if they will honor the Aug 6th at 1PM appointment. Please pray with us about Father's timing.


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Carrie said...

Yay!! Can't wait to hear about how Embassy goes!!! Glad you guys are settling in well. Promise to send a better update soon :)