Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day at our house

When talking with another Expat mom about what we wanted to do to make Father's Day special, we decided that our kids really don't understand all that their father does for them. What his role is and how he fulfills it with such deep conviction. They don't really understand what it means to have "spiritual leader" as your title and how much he might struggle to live up to that. We asked all the families that might be joining us to bring a small tub, towel and a few words of encouragement to our time together.
 We sang songs and read from John chapter 13:1-17, ending on "If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them." We asked the children to solemnly consider what Jesus did for his disciples in washing their feet and to consider what it means for them to wash their father's feet.
 As my children began washing their father's feet, two of our national friends who work with us and live life with us came over and joined in. I watched the humility on the King's face as my kids washed and registered his surprise that these 20-something's would humble themselves before him and wash his feet. He was teary-eyed, humbled, and deeply, visibly moved.
 Then, it was time to speak encouragement. The Prince went first. He looked his dad in the eyes and thanked him for so many things. The good and the hard. He was so intent and thoughtful. Articulate.  (The Princess was patiently LOL waiting her turn.) He had made notes on his ipod and then looked his dad in the eye and spoke from his heart. With all that we've gone through in the last few years, this was particularly moving. I was teary eyed. The Princess wrote out a sweet list of the top 10 things I love about you and watched her daddy read them with a lump in his throat.
Our national friends took a turn as well, but not just with one father, all of them. They said things like how they have watched and seen what real Fatherhood looks like and that the bar of example has been set high for them.

As for me, as well as the other wives/moms...well, the best gift I can think of to give my husband isn't tangible. He doesn't need things. My husband's heart is to serve. What better way to honor, respect and show love to my husband than to teach his children who he really is and how to show respect to him?

We really had a very special evening, one I know the Father in this house will not soon forget. One I know the Heavenly Father was blessed by.


Donna Burkett said...

I often wish I had internet access at home when reading your blogs. That way I can laugh and cry without having to worry about what my co-workers will think of my running makeup and red eyes.

Sheila Hughes said...'ve got everyone on this side of the pond crying with this one. Somebody pass the kleenex!