Saturday, June 16, 2012

Adoption Update

We received copies of the girls' new birth certificates. Each has her Ethiopian first name and then the King's first and last name as well as the first picture of them on record. This is our first time to see these pictures. It is utterly AMAZING the changes in them from birth to about one month.
When we received our referral we had been given pictures from about one month old. Looking at their BC's...I wouldn't recognize them. So changed! It tickles me to see their name and the King's name together. :)

We are waiting on passports, then a final medical before we can be submitted to the Embassy for our pickup date.

Can it be that we began this process less than a year ago? Some people wait years for a baby/child. We have two in less than a year. I told someone recently that the Lord has to work on our hearts for so long that by the time we say yes, He is in fast forward. It seems every major decision we have made, once we were sure Father was leading us, has happened quickly. Maybe it just seems that way.

Anyway. I've watched these videos when I should be sleeping. I've watched them when I should be cooking...working...etc. I cannot wait to get these girls for good!

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SFAHoops said...

I know the time can't come soon enough for you. It's probably harder now that you've seen and touched them!