Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The power of touch

Princess B holding my finger while she eats.

Princess T holding Dad's hand while she eats.

Holding each others fingers in sleep. I'm sure they are not even aware of it.

Yep, your hair is just like mine. So soft!
There's a depth of love that's felt in a touch. I am a hugger/toucher. I like to put my hand on the person I'm talking to-a connection. Sometimes I don't even realize it, most of the time I don't unless the other person responds awkwardly... I don't know why or where I get it, but my son is this way. My oldest daughter is a hugger, too. My husband has learned to keep on going with whatever he's doing while I touch his head, face, hands, etc. I just like to express love through a touch. I love these pics of the twins. I know babies reach for things and grab things that come into view. Most have a reflex to grab hold of the finger that touches them. This is a nature vs. nurture question. Will they grow up to be huggers because we are? Will they want their own space? We'll see. I'll do my best to turn them into huggers! The world needs more hugs! and smiles!

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Carrie said...

I have to say that my favorite part of the post is you referring to the Princess as "my older daughter." I smiled and got chills. :)