Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moments made for worshipping

Oh, I'm so in love with these little dolls! Yes, you have permission to remind me when they are two and into everything! We are counting down the days until we can go get them. It's possible that it might be sooner than we originally thought. So many people are praying for a quick turn around from our court decree. Thank you. How hard to hold them and then leave them and wait. But, how sweet to see their little face light up when they were returned to their nannies. Those nannies will be so sad to see them go, I know. As sad as we are happy, I imagine.

Ahem, no comments on my loveliness in the last pic (you're lucky you get to see it) that was day two of a week long battle with Food poisoning? Who knows? I only know that before it was over it made my morning sickness  with my pregnanccies (which was terrible) feel like a sniffle!

Anyway, look at our dolls! More to come! Working on video. Computer issues AGAIN as soon as I got home. Thought I'd lost all the video and pics. Thanks Father for saving them!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my heart! I am so excited for you guys. And you look beautiful as you always do! I am selfishly praying for the process to go fast. I would love for you guys to be able to bring them home with you. Can't wait to snuggle those sweet things!!
Love of love,