Saturday, May 26, 2012


The Prince spent his Spring Break in the Philipines. Working, ministering and playing...although to look at the pictures you would think all they did was play!!

 Trekking to the village where they would build a school for an impoverished people group who have never had one.

 Working in the rain. Preparing the foundation.
 Sharing the Gospel. It was an enlightening experience. Many of these people are Catholic, but only really in culture, not in their heart. They know all about who Jesus is, but don't BELIEVE.
The multicolored bracelet was what he used to share the Message.


flea said...

WOW! Dew Buckabuck is a big boy now. Happened? He is totally handsome!! Looks like he had a great trip. Proud of that boy!

Sheila Hughes said...

What a great experience for the Prince....something he will remember the rest of his life. I can totally see him being involved in some type of ministry.....Blessings on him and each of you AND the new family members!!!