Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back to diaper bags...

My dear friend over here on this side of the pond wanted to do something special for my birthday back in March. I couldn't think of anything I needed, but we attended a homeschooling conference together and there was a representative from this company: Kingdom Creations. She had a room FULL of CUUUTEEE stuff. I didn't have room to carry anything esle back with me without buying a suitcase which I wasn't about to do, so I withstood the temptations to buy. But, the Princess saw these darling diaper bags and said we needed one. Although I loved them, I had in mind a backpack diaper bag, so I wasn't sold.

It has a changing mat inside as well as good sized pockets
After hearing the mission of this company, I really wanted to support them and was considering buying something small, for space purposes. I've been an impulse buyer for much of my life, but I've learned to step back and THINK. Asking myself the purpose of this it a NEED, WANT, or COMFORT? These are the main reasons I buy things.
Completely washable. Extra long shoulder can be worn cross-shouldered.
Anyway, the Princess really wanted it and my friend really wanted to show her support of our adoption since she was not for it in the beginning. I have used it for so many things besides baby things, obviously, since we don't have babies yet.

The reason for posting is that this company employs Cambodians who would otherwise be jobless and at a high risk of being exploited. They provide training for workers and employ as many people as is possible. They have shops but also use workers in the surrounding villages. They hold Bible studies and worship in their shops weekly. They are living in the midst.

I wanted to make you aware of them because if you have an awareness of the Lost in our world and a desire to have an don't have to travel to them always. You can support the people already living in their midst. As this company grows and demand for products grows, more Cambodians will be impacted. The Kingdom will be impacted. I love their name, Kingdom Creations. It keeps the focus on the GOAL. If you have a special talent, they are always looking for people willing to come and teach a new skill and/or improve their ideas. They can be reached at

 I really want to support this ministry and decided that those of you who read my blog might be interested in supporting them as well.

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Sheila Hughes said...

That bag will come in handy long after the girls have come out of it!!!