Monday, April 09, 2012


There were new pictures of the twins in my inbox recently and....OH! I wish you could see them! They are gaining weight and looking healthier every day. I cannot wait to get my hands on them! I keep thinking of the various ways our lives will change when we have babies again...and I'm excited. I'm watching God do some big things in my heart and the heart of my family. Not to mention all the people I am meeting who have not only adopted, but are on the same journey we are babies in a yellow world (no offense intended).

I asked some of my Asian friends, recently, to tell me honestly what they thought about our adoption. The response was...well, interesting. Two young women said:"It's not weird to think about you having African babies because you are already a foreigner, so you might as well have foreign babies." I smiled at this, but then they said, " You are giving a home to children who need you. What better way to teach them about God's love?" I am glad they "Get it."

I'm not fooling myself. I know there are hard days ahead, it comes with being a parent. But, God has been teaching me so much about Himself, who he is, who I am in Him, and where my confidence lies. I've lived my whole life for Him and am just now "Getting it" with regard to many things. I heard the words and could speak Christian-ese fluently. I believed what I was saying. I believed the Bible. I believed God was who He said he was...but...there was a limit to it all that I had unwittingly imposed. He has been slowly, patiently, showing me that He goes WAY BEYOND the limits I set. It's awesome, really...and the twins are only part of it. It's like swimming in the deep end for the first time...scary and exhilarating simutaneously.

Just sharin'.

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Carrie said...

Love all of this.