Monday, January 02, 2012


For Christmas this year, we went south to warmer weather..sort of. We took a few days and stayed in a nice hotel, did some shopping, watched some family tradition movies, had fantastic family devotional times, sang Carols in our room (we finally have four parts!), went ice skating, ate great food...and all of it was together as a family of four. Next year, or rather this year of 2012, we hope to be a family of six.

The place we went was decked out for Christmas although, I think they must think it's "Santa-mas," because I didn't see Jesus anywhere. Anyway, the weather was cool, but not freezing. Not raining. Not "TOO" anything. We were decked out in our SFA purple!

As we were checking out of the hotel to return home, this lady asked us in the elevator if we were the ones singing Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve. Of course, we were. We apologized if we disturbed her and she said she loved it. She's from New Zealand and found it refreshing. I was glad that we didn't sing any pop culture carols, only about the REASON, we only sang about Christ. How were we to know we were witnessing through the walls of a hotel room in song?

Joy, joy to the world! Praise to the King, oh, let it ring!
Jesus has come to bring JOY!


Anonymous said...

I went to NYC 2 weeks ago and didn't see Jesus there either (in the decorations). Culture shock? I think so.

Glad yall were able to get away!


SFAHoops said...

At least it said Merry CHRISTMAS. Here that's not as easy to find as it used to be. Gotta be politically correct and say Happy Holidays. Happy New Year to all of you! May this year be blessed in every way!