Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baking with Buddies...

A friend of mine with her own baseball team worth of kids' husband was out of town then they started getting sick. So, one afternoon, the Princess and I entertained her two youngest so she could get a little rest while the other three were down for the count.
I had already planned on baking but decided to wait until my buddies came over to help me. You cannot see it, but there are on their knees on the piano bench. Each in an apron. These two are very close in age and want to do whatever the other is doing. So. After we carefully washed our hands, we took turns measuring things and pouring them into the bowls. We took turns stirring and counting. We helped each other hold when it wasn't our turn. It was a team effort. :)
I double checked to make sure it was all mixed.
We ALL three used the mixer at once. One hand on the mixer, one hand on the bowl. I am looking forward to having little ones in my house again. I've forgotten how fun (and exhausting) it can be to "Do school" with them through every day life. (The Princess is so independent these days.) We made Pumpkin Bread and they each got to make their own little heart shaped one.
MMMmmmmm. smells good. The funny thing is that this particular recipe took an hour to bake. As SOON as I put the bread in the oven and closed the door. Little Man asked me, "Iz the bwed wedy, yet?" LOL. That could have been a long hour, but we had a jello snack (and checked the "bwed," and watched a Veggie Tale Christmas video (and checked the "Bwed"). We played with the cat (and checked the "Bwed". We played with the hamsters (and checked the "Bwed").

I took their little loaves out when they were ready to cool, but didn't tell them. Little Man kept walking back to the kitchen and reading the timer. Schlumping (is that a word?) back into the room declaring, "Not yet." Finally, he lit with joy when it said less than 10 minutes!

I enjoyed helping my friend out in this small way and loving on her kids. The Princess loved it, too. She took tons of pictures and giggled at their antics! She's going to be a fabulous big sister!
We took some bread back to the Sick Ones and I had to tell their mom that they already had eaten theirs, because Little Man was asking for more.

By the way, one more funny. After mixing the ingredients with the mixer, both little sets of eyes looked hungrily on at the beaters. I asked if they wanted to lick them and they spoke in unison, "YES!" So, I sat them down at the table with the individual beater and went back to pour the batter into the pan and put it in the oven. When I turned back around the kids were licking the beaters meticulously with the most awful looks on their faces. I asked them, "Don't you like it?" and they both (with tongues still touching the beater) shook their heads and said, "no." SO PRECIOUS. They were being thankful for what they got even if they didn't like it! I didn't make them finish licking and gave them some water. They guzzled! LOL. But...they LOVED the final, COOKED product.

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Mom said...

Look at your beautiful hair! I just noticed it, was too focused on the kids, I guess. You have the most gorgeous hair and I wish I could run my fingers through it! Missed you at Christmas, kept thinking about June! Love you :)