Friday, November 04, 2011

What's not to love?

There were a few rules associated with our being able to keep the cat.
1. We call him "Tex."
2. A clean litter box.
3. Group ownership.
4. He sleeps with the Princess.

This picture was after the first night of sleeping with the Princess...or not. I was at a Bible Study and when I came home...the King was kitten sitting. Tex apparently doesn't agree with the Princess' bedtime.

We found this boot while out walking and made him a collar. The only thing more perfect would be a small charm of the state of Texas. :)
I was listening to a podcast and he crawled up in my lap and made himself at home. He leaned his head over on my wrist and promptly went to sleep. He is a cuddler. He likes to be with people and even someone's lap. Recently we had some young people over. One of them is not a cat person and whose lap did Tex crawl into to sleep? Yep. Hers. She took it well and even decided she liked THIS cat.
Check out his sweet paws. Yep...I'm smitten.

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Mom said...

Yep, Ebony was supposed to be your cat, but who did she always sleep on? The King, of course! I'll look for a Texas tag!