Thursday, November 17, 2011

"They'll always be walking in our shoes..."

The Princess stepped into her brother's shoes and I snapped a couple of pictures with my camera. These were taken back in late summer but since we've been visiting the Prince and I've watched my children together, I've been pondering anew.

She can hardly wait to be like him. She can hardly wait to be WITH him. She literally counts down the days until we see him again. I've told him often that SHE is the reason he is a big brother. HE is responsible for his actions towards her and within her sight and knowledge. SHE is watching and listening to everything he says and does. That ought to spur him on to greater things, just knowing that she's imitating everything she can about him.
To HER, he is a hero.
To HER, he is all that she wants to be.
To HER, he can do no wrong.
To HER, he has an obligation to be the best big brother he can be. By doing that, he is not only honoring her, but more importantly, honoring the Lord.

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