Friday, November 25, 2011

A thankful heart...

I wonder if every mom feels as if all is right with the world when all of your children are together under one matter their age. When the Prince comes home, I feel that way, even though he may be having trouble adjusting from dorm life to family life and seeing his sister as a pest who's annoying him rather than the lil'sis who adores him. Or tuning me out so he can listen to his tunes and FB with his friends. But just being my house...making his boy noises, hugging his mom, laughing, etc...makes my heart smile.

But that's only one reason.

Another one is that we have such wonderful friends. God has truly blessed us through the years to be able to make friends and keep them. Time stretches between us but we still love each other and would do whatever was needed at the moment of need. You know what I mean?

One group of friends, took the time and energy required to mail us the fixin's for a Thanksgiving dinner again this year. We invited over many people, but most are working (and not necessarily willing to take the day off and lose the pay) so we ended up with about 20 people at our house. My camera wasn't working and I was busy being the hostess, but several took pictures and I'll post a few in a few days when I get them. Anyway, half of us were Americans and the other have nationals but ALL enjoyed the food and fellowship. All I did was cook the food, but EVERYONE was so thankful for as close to a traditional Thanksgiving meal as possible. Our national friends love learning more about our culture and we love sharing the good things God has done and is doing in our lives.

We are thankful that our dossier is complete. We had hoped to have it finished in early November, but God's timing is not ours. Now...we wait for a referral on children/babies and will keep you posted on the process.

Grace is the word for me these days.
I've been pondering anew....Amazing Grace...His Grace is sufficient...let your words be full of grace...whose turn to say "Grace?"...and so on.

I see it in places I hadn't noticed before.
I understand a depth I never needed before.
I can offer it in levels I never possessed before.
I need it like I never have before.

What about you?
Blessing to you and yours from me and mine because of Him and His.

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GloryandGrace said...

I thought about you this week, and yesterday on Thanksgiving~

The family who hosts our annual Turkey Day here requires that we all participate in a talent show after dinner. I sang a duet with a girl in B's youth class, she's 15 and really blossoming as a singer and young woman who loves the Father. And it just reminded me of you... when did I become the older woman trying desperately to enncourage and mentor the younger? Thank you, thank you thank you for who you were and are to me. I can only imagine the patience that was required to keep up & put up with me at that age! Thank you for walking with me during such formative years. Singing with her yesterday reminded me of how you encouraged me in so many ways, with music being just one of them.

I hope you had a sweet Thanksgiving Day indeed, and I do look forward to seeing the pics of your full house!

Love love love~