Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Meet "Tex"

This is our newest family member. His name is Texas. He was nicknamed Tiger...then Rascal...then we decided that he is the exact colors of the Texas Longhorns (sorry Aggie fans) so we call him Tex. He was found by a friend of ours and we passed him from family to family until the King said we could keep him. The other families all committed to help us care for him when we need to be gone. So, he has group ownership...I guess that makes his name Tiger Rascal Texas.

He gives me FUZZ THERAPY and I love it! He's all kitten. He plays with all he has and then falls asleep...literally...falls over. He makes me laugh and every time I pick him up he purrs...not to mention that he likes to cuddle.

The Princess and I have really missed our cat and are so excited to have this little one that we joyfully scoop poop daily. :)


Bobi Ann Allen said...

Kind of jealous...we are pet free for the first time in our marriage. I'm really looking forward to an adoption post. I'm super-interested. We are in the beginning stages (haven't told anyone yet) of the adoption process. I'd love to hear your story! Miss you and love you.

Mom said...

YEAAAAAAA! I know you are delirious!