Sunday, October 02, 2011

what a crazy time!

My brand new computer died. Literally, died. Did you know that international warranty's are not what they seem?

Neither here nor there. My computer died two weeks ago without warning or provocation. I guess it was a hard(ware) attack. LOL.

My husband has been working with a tech guy via skype to repair it, but it is not as easily done as the guy thought.

So...I'm computer-less...which is frustrating to say the least.

HRH, has posts to go up and I don't have access. This is the King's computer and he is using it when I have time to. I guess I'll be up at 4:30 to get some stuff done. We're trying to share, but it's really inconvenient.

Just wanted you to know I'm not dead. Actually, alive and kicking. Crazy busy with home school and a national holiday, not to mention a million and one other things. The Prince comes home for a break this week. WOOHOO! and we've been up to our eyeballs in paperwork (which was all on my computer) regarding the additions to our family that I have yet to give you details about.


God is good. All the time. We've much to share. Keep checking on me and say a prayer for my computer. Ug. It's awful to be tied to the ones you love via computer and then be computer-less.

Love you.
Praying for you to be marinated in grace and peace! Hmmm...what a thought.

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