Friday, October 14, 2011

Home, at last!

My son is home and we are all smiles! Those of you with sons and daughters will probably understand...boys make different noises than girls do. I missed his noises. His laugh, him talking to himself, to his video game, to anyone listening, his piano and guitar playing...hearing him sing. I was cooking dinner and I heard, "SWWWWWWEEET!" and then in the next breath he used a different foreign language than the one we are learning to yell, "What is this?!" But he alters his voice to say it. Very funny and endearing. Obviously about a video game, but just the sounds of my boy. When he is talking 90 miles an hour and at a decibel I am not used to because I don't live with a bunch of teenagers in a dorm...I remind's only for a short while. He's growing up and changing so much.

Like his hair? He said he wants to enjoy it while he has it since it runs in his blood to NOT have it. LOL. I agree. Go for it Prince! Not to mention that it's a "chick magnet" ...his words. Should I be worried? Well, I would, except in the next breath I fall over from the SMELL of his breath...meaning he hasn't brushed his teeth yet at noon! No worries, yet. I don't know any girl who could get past that bad breath smell. I tell him, "You've got breath only a Mother could love...and no matter the depth of my love for you...I don't love your breath right now!" I'm just teasing. He's on vacation and thinks the rules have slacked. Notice...he "thinks" that. He'll learn soon enough that that is not a rule that one ever slacks on!

He leaves soon and I'll be back "if the crick don't rise and Lawd willin"...trying to soak up this time. You understand, I know.


GloryandGrace said...

Missing you a lot this weekend for some reason~

We were hanging out with some friends last night, and a few of us ladies had a flashback to contemporary 90s music, and it immediately brought me back to some of the duets we sang together and some of the other music we mutually loved.
"From the mountains to the valleys, from the rivers to the seas..."

Love you dearly & miss you much~

Bobi Ann Allen said...

I know that you love having that sweet boy home! Enjoy