Thursday, September 08, 2011

Guest Blogger...

Disclaimer: We are a work in progress. There are errors within that have not been corrected. Please be patient. We want to document the growth. I am not one of those who believes only perfect work is published. :)

Flounder the Shark

There once was a reef shark named Flounder that nobody wanted to be friends with. He was not friends with the harmless sperm whale that ate krill, he was not friends with the other sharks that swam about, and he was not friends with the dolphins or anybody else in the ocean. Then one day Flounder was out swimming when he heard a loud cry coming from behind him. He turned to see what was happening. Then, he saw it. There was a large fishing boat with an enormous net that held all the other fish and creatures in the ocean in it. Some of the smaller ones were trying to wiggle out of its strong grip but it was so strong that it held them in. Then the shark thought to himself even though they were not nice to him he had to do something. So, he darted toward the net, took it in his mouth, swam away and tore a big gap in it so that all the fish, both big and small, escaped. After that everyone gathered to congratulate the new hero and the mayor himself gave Flounder a solid gold medal for risking his life for the life of him and his people.


Funderstorm said...

HRH, as your teacher and as your mother, I am proud of you.

Keep up the good work. I hope to hear many more stories about Flounder the Shark. Are you interested in writing a book?

pkw said...

Like your story, HRH! My twins are both writing books. Did you do the artwork, too? It is very good. Both my daughters love to draw in the manga style. Keep it up! :)

GloryandGrace said...

Your comment over on my blog made me LOL! I've been thinking for days, weeks even, that I need to start writing again (and you especially came to mind!). I will start writing again eventually, just trying to think of something to say ;)

Miss you terribly, love you much!!