Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What big eyes you have...

Having my eyes checked for reading glasses. Aren't these hilarious?

The outcome.

I'm starting to get a complex being around all these small/squinty eyed asians.

They tell me how big my eyes areand that I am so animated that sometimes I scare them.


My tutor tells me when I'm wearing my reading glasses (of course) and look up at her it takes her breath away at how big my eyes are. She literally jumps I yelled at her or something.


I love kids and am always trying to talk to the little ones here, but often they cry. That's hard on my ego and my heart. My friend said my eyes are too big and it scares them. She recommended I try squinting when I smiled at them. I cannot actually believe that it worked...for a while.

I never thought my eyes that big...but I'm starting to wonder.

If I only had could call me Mike Wyzowski (Monsters, Inc.)

Anyway. Laugh while you can, because when I see you I'm turning my big eyes on you!...hmmm..maybe that's why my kids look at me that way when I'm being serious...they're a little bit freaked I'm really wondering.


GloryandGrace said...

From the friend in your life who could most definitely relate, this made me smile :)

I LOVE you & MISS you! And yes, my blog has been severely neglected, but my personal journal has not - just one of those seasons :)

Brad and Carrie said...

Look how cute you are! I love your big eyes by the way :)