Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Girl stuff!

The fun stuff about my neices (and sister-in-love's) is that they like girl stuff. Don't get me wrong, the only "Girly girl" is the little one (and she is ALL ABOUT the girls' stuff-more later). All the others can hold their own in sports or with brothers and uncles!

This one saw us taking off our shoes to get a pedicure and ASSUMED she as getting one, too! I looked up and she was taking off her socks and shoes, too. LOL.

So...of course, I put her in with me. The Nail people were so sweet to paint hers too.

I smile just looking at these pictures. I am very are my brothers.

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Mom said...

Bitty girl found her jacket that matches that dress in the back seat of my truck. She said."This is my favorite color!." I said, "Purple?" She said, "No, Princess color is my favorite." I love this kid!