Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strawberry pickin' good!

A group of homeschooling moms in the area decided to take our kids on a little field trip to pick strawberries. We took a taxi to the fast train, a 35 minute fast train ride, and then a bus for another hour to get to the desired location. It had been raining and we trekked out into the middle of the countryside to get to the strawberries. Rows upon rows of strawberries just waiting to be picked!!!

The owner of this particular plot of land gave the kids who didn't have rainboots plastic bags to tie over their shoes! Clever. We picked and picked and slipped and slid and laughed and talked for a couple of hours! We had a grand time and came home with more strawberries than we could really carry without squashing a few! I washed for a couple of hours at home to get them ready to eat. :)

This is a strawberry plant that a friend gave me 6 months ago. I don't have a green a matter of's black. I kill almost every plant I get. Even the ones they say no one can kill. I either over water or underwater, over-sun or under-sun them. Or a combination of it all. But I try.

This plant should have produced some berries a few weeks ago. I really have babied it trying to take good care of it. It's right beside my kitchen sink so I don't forget to water it. Last week we noticed ONE berry. I don't care who says otherwise...that's VICTORY for me. LOL.

But as I've babied that berry...more have developed. I can count SIX strawberries today. WOOHOO!


GloryandGrace said...

Fun posts like this make me want to come visit you!!

Anonymous said...

You are one awesome momma!