Friday, March 25, 2011

Such is (our) life...

Well, the bad news is we didn't get to see the play.

The good news is the King got to see the Prince.

It's a long story, but the gist is that heavier fog than we've ever seen before grounded us for three days. Finally, we were able to get the King out on a different flight from a different city to see the Prince and take care of the logistics of why we were going. Crazy.

The Prince broke his glasses beyond repair and asked for contacts. So...he got them. Check out his FB for pics...until I get them. The King is still not home. Comes home today. We've missed them and were COMPLETELY bummed to miss the play and the Prince. The Prince said the play went well. We're hoping to get a video from someone. I also hope this isn't his last play. The parenting long distance thing stinks. He's involved in so much that I would be front row cheering him on in if I were there. I am his number one fan, after all. :)

If we were stateside, it probably would not have happened, but when you live in a foreign country everything is well...foreign! They do things differently. It's one of the big struggles I have. Sometimes, I think, "Let me organize this country!" I see so many ways to change things for the better, but then I ask myself, "better for whom?" They don't have any problem with the way things work. It's my problem. Anyway, I chased a rabbit.

We missed the play, but Plan B got the King over there to be with the Prince for a few days. They've had a grand 'ole time! The Princess and I have to wait 'til Easter break to see him, but then we have DIBS on him! It's crazy how much we miss him.


Terri said...

Glad he made it over there and got his contacts. I am sure time will pass quickly and you will have a grand time!

Sheila Hughes said...

G'Mudd is so proud that the Prince had the lead in the play. So sorry you missed it. It won't be long 'til Easter and you can hug the Prince 'til he can't breathe.