Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have to say...

...I really like this rodent!
She has her own little personality and is so entertaining. Every morning when I sit down at my computer to download email she comes out to say "hi." She knows my voice and is the sweetest thing. When I hold her, she knows my smell. She doesn't bite or nibble on me like the others did. But...every time I put her back in her cage..she goes into the corner and goes potty. Every. Time. something about me makes her have to TeeTee. She sleeps like a dog...on her back and sides.

Since the other one (Snowflake) died unexpectedly, our best guess was that she froze to death. So...this one is in a room with a heater and thriving. Can you say "Spoiled"?
Her name is Peaches, but as she gets older she becomes more white. She is really soft. Who would have ever thought that I would allow a rodent into my house much less play with it myself? I guess I am really Ellie May Clampet as I've been teased before!
I can't help it. She's cute as can be!

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