Saturday, March 12, 2011



Happy 40th Birthday, Friend!!

I hope you have a fabulous birthday! Can you believe we are actually 40?! You know that it hit me hard back in September and I am just now recovering from the reality! LOL!!

So sorry to not have gotten anything wonderful in the mail like you did for me, but you know I'll take care of you!

You are beautiful and I LOVE YOU!!! ~~ PandaMom
(yes, these pics were taken from my girls' weekend, but it's all I had and I know that your birthday is March 11, but I didn't post in time.....sorry!)


Terri said...

Happy Birthday! I got to that magic number 5 years ago so I know its not as bad for some as it is for others. I count each day a blessing, as I know you do. Hope you have a wonderful day! love ya!

Sheila Hughes said...

40....You're just a baby!!! Will be 52 this year!!! Believe me, my 40's went by FAST!!! Enjoy each moment of each day!!! Blessings coming your way!!!

Sebrina said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I got a call from Old R and he wanted to make sure I told you Happy Birthday from him & P too.

Jennifer said...

I was HOPING I wouldn't miss telling you happy birthday ON your birthday, but alas it slipped by!

I hope you had a WONDERfUL birthday! We're due for a Skype date very soon :)

Love you very much!!