Friday, February 11, 2011 longer

The collective trips to get to one meeting place caused some issues and lots of waiting. But we all ended up at the designated place and only my parents plane came in on time and even early. We waited what seemed like FOREVER for them to get through the security checks...but when they came...we ran! tears!

I didn't know who to hug I took them both!

We were all talking over each other and trying to get more hugs!

I was the only one with a handy this is the only angle you get.

Waiting on a taxi we needed a quick self portrait. This is foreshadowing...because I seemed to catch my dad in mid-blink all week. LOL. Notice the Prince's new haircut. He had just begun NOT wearing a hat.

2 years...3 months...and 14 days since our last face to face meeting.
Maybe you can imagine the JOY.
More to come.

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PandaMom said...

How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hadn't processed that it has been THAT long since you've SEEN them!!!!! Oh my word. I hope the next visit is much sooner for you all!!! Your mom and I are FB friends now so we can communicate things if you want! lol! ; )

We have to Skype so you can see PJ!