Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Home sweet home.

There is something really wonderful about sleeping in your own bed no matter HOW WONDERFUL vacation was.

This is the first of MANY pictures to come. We took (collectively) about 600 pictures this week. Crazy. This was at the airport after all day traveling for everyone involved. A quick self-pic. So...if we look tired...we are...but not nearly as tired as we were happy to SEE each other FACE to FACE!


PandaMom said...

I have been MISSING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Have thought about all the fun and love going on while they visited!!!! Cannot wait to hear about it all!!!

BTW: JOY is arriving in an hour. ; )

Terri said...

What a GREAT picture!!! I now have your mom and dad on fbook!So I have seen lots of the GREAT pics! love you!

Anonymous said...

This picture makes me SO HAPPY!! :)Can't wait to see and hear more.

Love you!!